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www.WendysWantsToKnow.com – Do you enjoy getting hamburgers from Wendy’s? The official website is www.wendyswantstoknow.com. Now you can get a special offer on your next visit to their restaurant.

Wendy’s is conducting a survey exclusively for its customers. You can find this customer survey under the name Wendy’s Wants to Know. It is a simple feedback survey that requires a few minutes to finish. Upon completion of the survey, you get a validation code in the end. This code can be redeemed for a free BOGO spicy chicken or Dave’s sandwich or some other offer mentioned on your purchase receipt.

It is a great deal for a little effort. If it sounds like something you would like to participate in then stick with us. We will discuss the survey in detail. A step-by-step guide is also added to help you out.




Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is an easy way for the company to learn more about their customer and their likes and dislikes. This information is essential for making improvements and offering a much better service. Many times when restaurants are adding new products to their menu, these recoded answers are analyzed to understand what their customers will prefer.

If you were thinking about leaving feedback, then this is the opportunity. There are mostly multiple options-based questions. But there is also a message box where you can write descriptive feedback.

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There’s also a reward in the end. The reward could be a free

Talktowendys.Com Free Sandwich Survey Requirements

We have listed all the requirements for participating in Wendy’s customer survey.

  • First is the language. There are three options English, Spanish and French. You need to know any one of the languages to take the questionnaire.
  • Another important thing is that the survey is available online only. So, you need a device with an internet connection.
  • You also need the purchase receipt from Wendy’s. You will need the receipt to enter the information for entry.

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How to Take Talktowendys.com Survey? [Step-By-Step Guide]

Now that you are ready with all the requirements, let’s check out the process.

  • First, go to one of Wendy’s restaurants and get your purchase receipt.
  • Now on your device, visit the official survey website @www.wendyswantstoknow.com
  • This will take you to the first page of the survey. On this page, you will first select the language. By default, the page is in English. You can select Spanish or French.
  • After this selection, you have to enter information from your receipt. Look for information like Restaurant number, date of visit, and time of visit. Click on start to begin.
  • As you know, the questions are gonna be about your experience at Wendy’s outlet. You have to select answers from the given options. There’s also a section with rating questions. You can rate your satisfaction based on different aspects of their service like food, cleanliness, food, and staff. You can also give the reason behind your rating.
  • All the questions are mandatory. You cannot proceed if you skip them.
  • After you complete it, the validation code will be displayed. The code or offer doesn’t depend on how good your feedback is. If you complete it successfully, it will be displayed.
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About Wendy’s Restaurant

Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy’s n 1969. It was located in Columbus, Ohio.  It initially became popular for the delicious square beef patties and frosty drinks. This made them noticeable and apart from other fast-food restaurants.

Wendy’s expanded quite quickly. They went international in 1975 and opened their first outlet in Canada. The growth didn’t stop there. Very soon they broke a record by setting up the 1000th restaurant in the 100th month.

During this period, they made many changes in their menu too. Their healthy and popular salad bar was added in the 70s. Around the same time, they also introduced the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. To give diverse options, they introduced go-to salads and also started using non-hydrogenated cooking oil for fried products. Even now, they are adding new items like Pretzel hamburgers and chicken burgers.

Apart from these specials, they are known for a variety of hamburgers, sandwiches, and Croissants. You can also get yourself a burrito or biscuits at the restaurant.  In addition to that, there is a wide range of frosty desserts available.

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Wendy’s Customer Care and Support

There are different ways to reach Wendy’s Customer support. You can call or text this number at 888.624.8140. You can leave feedback or ask questions and get a quick reply.

There is also a feedback form available on their official site. You can select the kind of feedback and then give details in the message box.

There is also a chat box called Let’s chat. You can get answers to commonly asked questions there. Or you can check out Frequently Asked Questions. Note: official website is www.wendyswantstoknow.com.

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