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www.Cublistens.com – Cub stores are the place where you can get all the groceries in one place. You can get everything from fruits, meat to the bakery and organic products. Now shopping from there can help you get the chance of winning a $100 gift card.

Cub organizes the Cub Foods Survey Sweepstakes. Customers who have completed their Cub Listens Shopper Feedback can participate too. But there is more than just participation. Stick with us to find out more.



Cub Listens Shopper Feedback is an online survey. It is one of the ways to participate in the above-mentioned Cub’s sweepstakes. It is the method that requires purchase. Because only customers of Cub can take this survey.

All you have to do is give your honest opinion about your experience at Cub. To help you in providing details of this experience, the questionnaire is curated. You just need to answer them according to your shopping experience.

Now coming to the reward of the survey. As a reward, you get to participate in the said sweepstakes. There is one grand prize for each survey period. The Grand prize is a $100 gift card that can be redeemed at Cub foods.

Visit Official Site – www.Cublistens.com

Requirements for Cub Shopper Feedback

Before we get into the particulars of the sweepstakes, let us check out everything needed for the feedback survey.

  • As mentioned the survey is only available online. So to visit its site you will need a device with an internet connection.
  • Next, you will need a shopping receipt from Cub. Your receipt will have a 16 digit code that is needed to enter the survey.
  • For your receipt to be valid, it shouldn’t be older than 3 days.
  • The survey instructions and questions are in English. Hence you should be able to read and understand the language.
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Eligibility Criteria for Sweepstakes

To get in the Sweepstakes, the customer –

  • Should be older than 18 years on the day of entry.
  • Is a legal resident of Minnesota.
  • Is not employed at UNITED NATURAL FOODS, INC.
  • Shouldn’t be a direct family of an employee.

Rules and Regulation of Sweepstakes

After criteria follow these rules to be a valid sweepstakes participant.

  • There are two methods of entry.
  • Shopping at Cub is not necessary if you enter by mail-in.
  • You can enter only once using one email address.
  • Your method of entry wouldn’t have any effect on your winning chances.

Cub Foods Survey

How to Participate in Sweepstakes

Now you know everything you will need for sweepstakes. Here are the steps for it.

Entry through Survey (with purchase)

  • First, go and get your survey invitation from a Cub store.
  • Go to the site www.Cublistens.com to open the first page of the survey.
  • This page has instructions about the survey. To get into the entry page, click next.
  • Here, enter the 16 digit code from your survey invitation and submit it.
  • Then you will get the questionnaire. There are just a few questions that won’t take long to finish.
  • After you are done answering, a form will be given to you for entry in sweepstakes. You will have to give your name and contact info.

Entry through Mail-In (without purchase)

  • On a 3” x 5” card write the following info-
  • Full Name
  • complete address with city, state, and zip code
  • daytime phone number
  • birth date
  • Send mail it on: Cub Foods Survey Sweepstakes Entry, 3000 County Road 42 W, Ste. 300, Burnsville, MN 55337
  • Make sure the mail reaches them within the entry period.
  • You have to send one mail for each entry.
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About Cub Foods

Brothers Charles and Jack Hooley along with Robert Thueson, and Culver Davis, Jr founded Cub foods. It was based on Hooleys Supermarkets. In 1968, they opened the first store in Stillwater, Minnesota. It was then popular because there weren’t many discounted food products stores. With this popularity, they expanded very soon. In the 1980s they opened five stores in Minneapolis and Saint Pauls.

In the 80, it was acquired by SuperValu. With them, they started expanding more. They were now in 3 states with 83 Cub foods stores. But there were some ups and downs. Their stores were operating in Colorado but in 2003, they had to shut down three of them. The chain was also acquired but others.

But now it’s completely under SuperValu Inc. Cub foods are mostly available in Minnesota and Illinois.

Cub Foods Products

Want to visit Cub for your purchase receipt or redeem your gift card. Then check out some of the available products.

  • For Deli & Bakery- Rotisserie Chicken, Deli Salads, Fried Chicken, Salad Bar, Spicy Chicken, French Bread, Cookies, Fruit & Creme Pies, Croissants, Dinner Rolls and Sandwich Bread.
  • You can also get fresh Meat & Seafood- Beef Steaks, Pork Chops, Chicken Breasts, Ground Beef, Pork Ribs, Bacon & Sausage, Shrimp, Salmon, Crab Legs, Tilapia, Lobster, Scallops.
  • Dairy Department- Yogurt with Granola, Cream Cheese and Bagels, Milk with Cereal, Scrambled Eggs with Fruit, Bottled Fruit Smoothie, Fried Egg on Toast, Cottage Cheese with Fruit and Bottled Protein Shake.
  • Not just human foods but you can get pet supplies too. Pet Department- Canned Pet Food, Dry Pet Food, Pet Treats, Pet Toys, Grooming Supplies.
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Customer Care and Support

If you face any problem at the store, you can easily reach their customer service team at their helpline number. You can call between 7 am – 5 pm CST  and between Monday – Friday.

Helpline Number:(855) 282-3663

You can also reach them by sending mail. Their mailing address is 421 3rd St. S, Stillwater MN 55082 ATTN: Customer Care Center.

Apart from these two methods, you can easily reach them online. For this, there is a feedback form available on their official website.  You can also choose a store for feedback. Add the subject too. Then write the message in the space below. Lastly enter your full name, email address, address with zip code. You can also attach a file for better reference.

Cub food is also on social media. They are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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