– Take Ivar’s Restaurant Survey – Get Validation code – Craving fresh and delish mouth-watering seafood? This survey can help you get an offer at Ivar’s seafood restaurants. To get this offer code, you have to take Iver’s customer fulfillment survey.

The validation code mentioned here is the reward for this Guest survey.

On your next visit to Ivar’s, you can take this code with you. There you can redeem it for an offer. The offer and its details are mentioned in your survey invitation. This is usually a gift card, some discount on your bill, or a free product.

If you are already a customer of Ivar’s restaurant then this is a great deal for you. Get this offer with the help of our article.

If you have ever been to Ivar’s you must know why people love their food and service. To keep their food and service at their best, they carry out this survey. It is an easy and efficient way of learning about popular opinions. And they can then utilize it to do modifications.

The survey questions are designed to learn to get feedback from customers about each part of this service. Like if food’s taste, quantity, temperature or restaurant location, it is cleanliness and more.

Since guest surveys could be important for decision making, they need more and more Customers to participate. Their offer code acts as an encouragement here. Also, it is their way of appreciating the efforts customers put in answering the survey. While maximum people must participate, it is also necessary that these are customers only. To ensure this, there are some rules and specifications for Ivar’s Restaurants Guest Survey. You will be able to learn about them here in this article.

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Requirements for the Guest Survey

Before you take the survey, you should be prepared with all the requirements. Check the list below.

  • Ivar’s guest survey is only in English. You should know the language enough to read, understand, and answer.
  • Next is the buying receipt from Ivar’s Seafood Restaurant. This requirement is important to make sure only customers participate and answer the questions.
  • You also need a device like a smartphone or a computer.
  • That device should have an internet connection. So, you can visit Ivar’s survey site.
  • You need a valid email address to complete the survey.

Rules and Regulations

Make sure you follow this set of rules to complete the survey without any difficulty.

  • This survey is only for customers of the US.
  • You can use one receipt only once.
  • At the time of redeeming the code, make sure you take the purchase receipt along with the validation code.

Ivar's Restaurant Survey

How to Participate in

Now we have prepared you for the survey. So, you can follow the steps now.

  • Before getting started, get a purchase receipt from Ivar’s.
  • Now visit the site
  • On the first page, you will see city options. Select the restaurant location from the list.
  • Next page, you have to enter some more information like the date and time of visit along with the server’s name.
  • You can find this on your Iver’s receipt.
  • Now the entry process is complete and the questionnaire will start.
  • It mostly consists of general feedback questions.
  • You can also rate their service, staff, and restaurant’s condition.
  • After you have answered all these questions, enter your email address. Then you can submit it.
  • You will get the validation code after this.
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About Ivar’s

In 1938, folk singer Ivar Haglund started Ivar’s. He wanted to add a little fish and chips eating corner near Seattle’s first aquarium. Although this food bar didn’t stay for long. In 1946, Ivar Haglund opened Ivar’s restaurant. It was actually named Ivar’s Acres of Clams and the location remained the same. After a decade, the aquarium was shut down, but the restaurant was popular and remained there.

Ivar’s had restaurants in Seattle, in  Washington State Ferries, and one at  Mukilteo, Washington. All three of these were full-service restaurants. They also had a fish bar outside them. Your customers enjoyed all the seafood and fish.

During this time their phrase “keep clam” became popular. They were also known for their vibrant decor with flamboyant colors.

Ivar’s Menu

We mentioned many times about the Ivar’s and its seafood. So, here are some items from their Seafood bar. So, you can try this out when you visit them again.

  • Let us start with the original menu items, fish, and chips- Wild Pacific Halibut, Alaska Pollock, Alaska True Cod, and Alaska Pollock. There is also a special called Full boat special. It includes True Cod, Fries, ColeSlaws, and Bowl of Chowder.
  • Then there are seafood entrees- Seafood Combo, Chicken, Jumbo Prawn, Clams,
  • Scallops, Oysters, and Baby Prawns.
  • You can also try the grilled entrees- Wild Alaska Salmon and Wild Pacific Halibut. They come with wild rice, coleslaw, and cornbread.
  • For the main course, there are sandwiches with fries- Fish Sandwich, Salmon BLT, and Fish Tacos.
  • There are fresh salads too- Caesar Salad, Caesar Salad with Grilled Wild Salmon, Caesar Salad with Grilled Wild Halibut, Caesar Salad with Dungeness Crab and Caesar Salad with Shrimp
  • Lastly, for dessert, you can try their special.
  • There is a delicious menu for kids too. They can get Alaska True Cod ‘n Chips, Chicken ‘n Chips, or Mac ‘n Cheese with a soft drink.
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Customer Care Services

The most reliable way to get in touch with the customer care team is to take this survey. This is the only feedback form on their website.

If you need help with the restaurant, you can use the restaurant locator on their official website. For search, you have to enter the name of the city or its zip code. Then all the restaurants in that area will be presented along with the contact number. You can call them or get directions to the restaurant.

Other than these two ways, you can reach out to them at their office address.

The address is Ivar’s, Inc.

1001 Alaskan Way

Suite 109

Seattle, WA 98104-1028

Phone Number: (206) 587-6500

Email: [email protected]

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