– Check out Capriotti’s Survey Get Coupon Code – This time our piece is about Capriotti’s Survey. You can also find Capriotti this survey under the name Tell Capriotti’s survey. We will discuss how you can take this survey to get a coupon code.  This coupon code can be redeemed at Capriotti’s for a special offer. You can find details of this offer on the survey invitation or with the coupon code.

This article includes everything you will need to know to take Capriotti’s Guest satisfaction survey. So, before you take the survey, check out the requirements, rules, and steps of participation here.



Capriotti’s is a chain of eateries known for its submarine sandwiches. If you have enjoyed their food made from homemade ingredients and you should take this survey. This survey is exclusive to record customer experience. Your feedback is valuable. It is often used by brands and companies to find new ideas that can be used to enhance your experience with them.

It’s not just advantageous for them. The survey is only a few minutes long. For completing this short survey, you get a reward as a thank you. The reward is a coupon code that can be redeemed at the same Capriotti restaurant you visited to get the survey invitation.

Requirements for Tell Capriotti’s

Be prepared for Capriotti’s survey by checking out this list.

  • To enter you will need a buying receipt that’s within the validity period.
  • Your Capriotti purchase receipt should have the 15 digit survey code.
  • You also need Wifi or the internet to visit the survey website.
  • Capriotti’s survey is only in one language English. You should know the language to answer the
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Rules for the Tell Capriotti’s

Now that you got everything that’s needed, follow these rules when you take the survey.

  • As mentioned, the receipt should be valid. This means that it shouldn’t be older than 3 days.
  • You have to redeem the reward code online from the CAPAddicts app or online site.
  • The code is valid for 30 days after purchase.

How to Take the Survey

Now with the rules and requirements, you can learn to complete the survey.

  • To get in the survey first visit on your preferred device.
  • Here you will start by putting the 15 digit survey code in the given space. If your code is valid then the survey questionnaire will begin.
  • You will start by rating overall satisfaction.
  • Then describe the type of visit and how you ordered.
  • Then there is a section where you can rate your satisfaction based on the following-
  • If the temperature of the food was ok?
  • And if the restaurant was clean enough?
  • Accuracy of order.
  • Staff behavior.
  • Order placement.
  • If the menu was easy to read.
  • Speed of order delivery.
  • Quantity of food.
  • And overall value for money.
  • If you encounter any difficulty during this visit, you get to explain that here.
  • Next, you have to give particulars of your dining experience. Like how often you visit the restaurant, were you thanked and if the staff member repeated your order.
  • You will select the products you ordered. There may be a few questions about those products too.
  • There may be some classification questions. But it is not mandatory to answer.
  • Lastly, fill out a contact details form.
  • After you are finished, the validation code will be given to you.
  • You can redeem this code through the CAPAddicts app or by visiting
  • To redeem it, go and place the order as you do, and at the time of check out enter the coupon in the “apply coupon”
  • Remember to redeem it within 30 days.
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Capriotti's Menu

About Capriotti’s

Lois and Alan Margolet founded Capriotti’s in 1976. The restaurant got its name from Lois and Alan Margolet’s grandfather Philip Capriotti. It was a successful sandwich shop known for submarine sandwiches with homely flavor. Because of this in 1988, they opened the second Capriotti restaurant in New Castle, Delaware. By 1991, they were franchising.

The first restaurant in Las Vegas was established around 1993. In 2008, there were 44 Capriotti restaurants in Las Vegas.

In 2013, they opened in Washington DC and started expanding from there. What made Capriotti’s special was that each of their restaurants roasted a whole turkey every night. They made their own meatballs and coleslaw too. In 2009, they won the Greatest Sandwich in America from America Online.

Capriotti is advanced with technology too. They have an app-based reward program. And they use google glass to train their employees

Capriottis Sandwich Shop Menu

We already know Capriottis is known for its submarine sandwich. So, here are some of the delicious options. You can try these out during your next visit.

  • First is their signature sub- The Bobbie, Capastrami, Cole Turkey, Chicken Cheese Steak, and Homemade Meatball. American Wagyu Slaw Be Jo is their new signature sub. It comes with beef, cheese, mayo, and Russian dressing.
  • Or you should try the Extraordinary subs American Wagyu Roast Beef. There are homemade options with turkey or tuna. If you wanna go for Italian flavors then there is a grilled sub and Italian sausage.
  • They have some great vegetarian options like Impossible Cheese Steak, Veggie Turkey, and Veggie Cheese Steak.
  • For salads, they have Balsamic Chicken, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Turkey, Cap’s Chopped, and American Wagyu Black & Bleu.
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Customer Care and Contact Info

If you face any problems or you have any questions you can email them at [email protected] It is a fast and straightforward way to get in touch with the customer service team. Do mention order number, store number, location, date, and time in the email.

Through email, it can take a few days to get an answer. For a faster response, you can call them on (702) 522-2515 during work hours.

If you prefer mail, there is an address for that.

Address: Capriotti’s Corporate Office

6056 S. Durango, Suite 100

Las Vegas, NV, 89113

Phone: (702) 736-3878

You can connect with them on social media too. They are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Here you can not only check out their post but also write to them.

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