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Activate Netspend Debit Card – People who love to spend less and get more out of their money must be familiar with Netspend cards: a great way to save and enjoy the perks of credit/debit card payments without the burden of excessive spending or outstanding balances.

Activate Netspend Debit Card

Activate Netspend Debit Card

Netspend cards are actually prepaid debit cards that make it possible for users to purchase goods and services through regular credit/debit card terminals, ATMs, and web merchants- no bank account needed! That’s why people who need a card for shopping but have bad credit history should check out Netspend.

While the Netspend card has many benefits, it can be a bit tricky to activate without a Social Security Number (SSN). In this article, we will discuss how to activate your Netspend prepaid card whether you have SSN or not—this includes people who are receiving social security benefits and those living in foreign countries for work or studies. We also included a list of frequently asked questions about Netspend cards as well as for instructions on how to activate your card online, by phone, or at a store.

How to Activate the Netspend Card?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on “Click here for a new card”

Step 3: Fill in personal information, including your name, address, and date of birth

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Step 4: Verify phone number by entering the numbers you hear while listening to Netspend’s automated system (if choosing by phone) or click “call me now” if you are activating online or at a store

Step 5: How to activate Netspend prepaid card without SSN? Click on “Create your cardholder profile now!”

Step 6: Choose to create your account via SSN, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), or Foreign Taxpayer Identification Number (FTIN)

Step 7: Fill in the required information depending on your choice for account activation. If creating a cardholder profile with an SSN, you must provide your social security number and date of birth. The same goes when choosing Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or Foreign Taxpayer Identification Number (FTIN).

Activate a Netspend Card Online

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click on “Login/Register”

Step 3: Select “Not registered or forgot username/password?”

Step 4: Fill in required personal information and select the checkbox agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of Use Agreement.

Step 5: An email will be sent to your email address so you can verify your account and log in (ensure your email settings allow mail from to be sent—or add it to the safe list).

Step 6: Click on “Create cardholder profile”

Step 7: If you already have a NetSpend account, log in using your username and password; if you’re new, click on “What type of cardholder profile do you want to create?”

Step 8: Click the checkbox and click “Continue.” This is where you can choose to activate yours by phone or online.

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Activate Netspend Card Over the Phone

Step 1: Call (866) 629-8028

Step 2: Follow automated system instructions or speak to a customer service agent.

How to Activate Netspend Cards at Stores?

You can visit the nearest participating retailer where you used your Netspend cards debit card. Remember, this is available only in the US and Puerto Rico. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Visit participating retailer’s location with a printed bar code that can be found on the back of your debit card. Look for the Blockbuster logo if you’re looking for a store near you.

Step 2: Hand it to a customer service agent who will verify your information and activate your NetSpend card. Your purchase amount will be deducted from your card’s available balance.

FAQ’s about Netspend cards

Ques 1: Do I need to pay taxes on the money stored in my account?

Ans: There is no federal income tax reporting requirement for customers who load $10,000 or less per calendar year onto their NetSpend card. If you load more than $10,000 in a calendar year, you will receive a 1099-INT form that must be reported on your federal income taxes.

Ques 2: What is the difference between NetSpend cards and prepaid debit cards?

Ans: A Netspend prepaid card has many benefits over other types of prepaid debit cards. It can’t be used to get cashback at ATMs, for example, which means you won’t have to worry about getting caught on overdraft charges. It also eliminates the risk of overspending when you use your card. Your purchases are automatically deducted from your savings, checking, or other linked account when you make a purchase with the card.

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Ques 3: What is the difference between Netspend cards and credit cards?

Ans: A Netspend prepaid card acts like a debit card; in fact, it’s not really a credit card at all. It’s more like an electronic check that lets you spend what you have, not what you can borrow. There are no interest charges and no application fees, unlike with other cards.

Ques 4: Is there a monthly service charge for Netspend prepaid cards?

Ans: No. The only fee that could be charged to your account is a fee for ATM use.

Ques 5: How safe are Netspend cards?

Ans: Netspend prepaid cards are safer than carrying cash or writing checks. You can’t spend more than what’s in your account, and it protects you from costly overdraft fees. Plus, you don’t have to worry about paying bills or renting costs.

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